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Project to find the Best Game Ever

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Jogurt The YogurtAfter seeing all the hype and all the complaining about Ocarina of Time, after seeing all the debate about the merits and disappointments of each installment in the Final Fantasy series, after reading about the awesomeness or suckitude of collectathons or Super Mario Sunshine, I’ve decided to embark on a little project.

I’m drawing some inspiration from GotY votes and Tides of Chaos’s system-best polling. I’d like to undertake a massive request for nominations for the best game ever, on any platform. This will be large-scale and will result in voting, potentially bracketed depending on how people like that idea.


NOMINATIONS: You may provide a list of up to 100 games. You’re free to nominate fewer than that if you like. Number your nominations, and don’t edit your posts. If you wish to add more nominations, just make a new post continuing your numbering from where you left off.

(NOTE: This doesn’t mean you have to RANK your nominations, just number them. I don’t care what order you put them in, I just want an easy way to keep track of how many nominations are coming in from everyone.)

SCOPE: This nomination process includes all video games, past and present, on any platform (including PC/Mac and Arcade cabinets). Be sure to mention which platform your game is on so I don’t have to track you down and ask for clarification.

BEST?: You can nominate games according to your own criteria. They can be the games that you think are objectively the best, or your favourites, or games you feel are influential.

STATS: I’ll be compiling very basic stats during the nomination and voting process. All I’ll need to know is your age and game release region (for most here it will be NA/EU/AU).

All of these nominations will be pooled and sorted, and then we’ll find ways to narrow them down and begin voting. We may have genre- or platform-specific side-events as well.

I’ll think on my list for a bit and probably try to post a chunk of it tonight.

This is a thread by Jogurt the Yogurt from the Virtual Console forums discussing the Best Game Ever project, to find the best video game as voted for by our members.