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Default A chance to get Tiki Towers for free - gift from RealArcade!

Got a Wii? Like to download WiiWare titles? Want to try a new one for free?

My company, RealArcade, is about to release their next WiiWare title and I should have access to gift a few people a free copy of the game directly to their Wii.

The game in question is called Tiki Towers and will be coming out on WiiWare on Monday 12/22. It's a physics based puzzler that features building puzzles and monkeys! Come on - everybody loves monkeys, right?

For more info about the game, check it out here:

If you're interested in possibly getting a free copy (We would have to gift it to you via the Wii Friend Code system), please send me a Private Message with your Wii Friend Code.

I will contact the lucky folks who responded back to me (I will go by order...first come first served - so hurry!) with our Wii Friend code so they can enable us to make the gift transfer. At this time, I don't know how many free games I'll be able to give out. It could be four - it could be twenty.

I'll send private message responses back by Friday and we'll gift the game on Monday. Once I have more details, I'll update it here. I can only gift to those Wii users in the US. Sorry! I just discovered that bit.

Also, if selected, you will need to update our friend code on your Wii before Monday and enable your system to receive gifts in order to get the game. Good luck!

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