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ROBOCALYPSE - Beaver Defense

Vogster Entertainment

600 Wii Points

ROBOCALYPSE - Beaver Defense is a strategic tower defense game in realtime. It's unique on the Wii. The other Wii games in the same genre that I know are FFCC: My Life as a Darklord and Crystal Defenders R1&R2 but they take a different approach on the classic tower defense genre. Beaver Defense is much more like the tower defense games you can find on PC.


- 10 stages in the Campaign Mode and 5 endless stages in the Survival Mode
- 4 tower units that can be enhanced in 2 different ways four times (for a total of 32 different tower units)
- 6 hero units (4 of them need to be unlocked in the Campaign Mode) with special powers that you can level up
- a hilarious storyline by the creator of SpongeBob
- 4 empty slots for your profile


Pretty unpolished. The cutscenes are still comic-images with very sparse animation. Speak-bubbles bring the story forward. There is no music, and no soundeffects - only absolute silence accompanying the cutscenes... for minutes. Also, the pictures fading in and out is very slow and feels broken. All in all it's pathetic. Unfinished.



I can't understand people who wanted pointer controls in other tower defense games on the Wii. It's annoying in games where you have to place units on a grid, and if you don't have steady hand you build a unit in the wrong place, wasting time and money and in the worst case being open for attacks in the heat of the battle. SQUARE ENIX did it right with their games offering simple digipad controls. Beaver Defense has only one control option: pointer controls. If you're good at aiming this isn't much of a problem, but digipad, mouse and touchscreen proved to be better for this genre.



The 2D art is nice to look at, and the little scurry units are all animated nicely. Even with lots of multiple rocket launchers and tons of units on screen there's no slowdown. The actual core game is presented very well, though you initially might get confused by all the stuff on screen. After playing a few stages you'll get used to the interface though. The cutscenes drag down the score a little.



Not many tracks, but what is coming from the speakers is pretty nice actually and fits the theme well. Absolute silence in the cutscenes drag down the score again, but not enough to kill the in-game experience.



It's a tower defense game. Wave after wave of enemies come from certain borders of the screen and approach your base, trying to reduce the health of your HQ. If the HQ blows up it's game over. You start with some money to buy turrets that destroy enemies in range. Killed enemies give you more money, so you can build more turrets, or level them up. In the beginning you can select 2 out of 6 heroes. They all have special attacks and you can move them around the map. Once they killed enough enemies you can level up their stats like in a RPG. If you defeat a certain amount of waves you win the mission and progress.

I should note some minor flaw as well: it's odd that you cannot replay any of the single player missions, not even in another difficulty. Once you beat the campaign it's greyed out. You can only rewatch the horrible silent cutscenes in the useless "Extraz" option. In order to replay the campaign you have to delete your profile and start over from scratch or use one of the other 4 slots.

So, when you finished the campaign there's only one other mode to attend to: the survival mode, five selectable stages of endless waves. This game mode is addicting and rewarding as you're not limited by a certain number of waves. As long as your HQ stays alive, you can fill the screen with more and more units, and overpower them. It would be great to have highscores or stats for each stage but you guess it: nothing of that kind.



This game has so much potential. It's flawed in many aspects. However, the core game is good. For only 600 points you shouldn't be too harsh. I think this genre has enough fans that will overlook some of the flaws. And it's unique on the Wii as far as I'm aware. The survival mode is endless, so that will get some playtime too.

It's like Monsteca Corral in some ways: I would have gladly payed 1000 pts for either game if the developers worked on the sharp edges a little more.


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